Sadhanai Tamilan

GOTO aims to make the pride of the tamilians to be known worldwide through the “Tamil Achievers Awards” of ‘Sadhanai Tamilan’, ‘Thalai Nimirndha Tamilan’  identifying the achievements of the tamilians who has crossed the seas to find or search for resources & only one Award of ‘Ulaga Tamilan Award’ every year  who is well known by all the tamilians all around the world.Learn More


The organisation that takes great interest and concern in the well being of the Tamil people living worldwide with very highly esteemed purpose of raising funds through events like Art & Culture, Conferences & Exhibitions being conducted through this organisation all around the world. They not only bring an upliftment of the Tamil society; but they also open up doors to help the financially weaker ones.Learn More


Our yearly Magazine, publishes as E-Book, in order for the world to know about the fields of Traditions, Food, Costumes, Art, Education and Finance also the lifestyle of our ancestors, pride and glory of the tamilians, excavations sports or games that exhibit the bravery of Tamilians history of the reign of Tamil kings the countries that they won in battles about the great Tamil kingdoms;Learn More

 About – Global Organisation of Tamil Origin (GOTO)

GOTO – take immense pride in being united together by Tamil language even though we might be separated by religion. Even after India has taken a form of being separated into states based on languages, right now there are around 8crores in Tamilnadu, around which 2 Crores in other states like Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala and Pondicherry. Not only that there are around 3crores and 60lakhs of them residing in Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, Europe, America, Canada, Africa, Mauritius and Norway. This makes a way for us to take every possible measures to see to that in whichever part of the World Tamilians might be residing in, that they will not forget various rich arts and Culture, Tradition, Food and Fashion of Tamilians.

Given the fact that we are the minority in the world people population but still identifying the eminent personalities of Tamilians like CEO of tech giant Google, Sundar Pichai, the inventor of email is V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, founder of generating electricity through electrochemical reaction Dr. K. R. Sridhar Pramod, Father of Brahmos Aerospace Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai and through that enabling our Tamil society to go to a higher status in  human welfare is the greatest aim/goal of the Global Organisation of Tamil Origin.



  • Improving Education system according to the requirements of the students and the
    advancement in technology.
  • Providing Free education for everyone irrespective of their financial status and making a strong point saying money is not a serious issue when it comes for educating students.
  • Giving justice to common man by negotiating with the Government and its authorities in case of any discrepancies.
  • Creating awareness among people when there is any violation of basic human rights.
  • To Make sure every individual gets their daily meal properly.
  • To restore the planet from excessive Global warming by planting more number of trees.
  • Provide them the required training and job according to their educational qualification and skills.
  • Creating awareness among people regarding the conservation of flora and fauna and save nature from being destroyed further.
  • Giving importance and encourage new inventions
  • Encouraging research on space and atomic energy.
  • Improving and protecting all the languages of the world from getting vanished.
  • Reviving and conserving the deteriorating languages and cultures with the help of
    United Nations.
  • Curbing child abuse by creating awareness among children.
  • Creating awareness among women regarding sexual harassment and teaching them ways to handle it.
  • Protecting minority rights and responsibilities and making them aware of the pressure on them by majority of the population.
  • Helping people recover from natural calamities such as Earthquake, Tsunami, Floods, Cyclones etc.
  • Creating awareness in the form of audio visual presentation regarding the
    communicable diseases such as Dengue, Malaria and also about dumping of medical waste and animal waste.
  • Making a strong point on the importance of food and its medicinal values and also
    encouraging organic farming to make a better lifestyle.