Even though we are all separated by religion, our pride is to join the Tamil language.

Even after India became a linguistic state, there are about 8 crore people in Tamil Nadu and about 2 crores in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Puducherry in other states. Similarly, 3 million 60 lakh people live in Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Europe, the US, Canada, Africa, Gulf, Mauritius, and Norway.

Therefore, in the country where everyone in the world lives, we do not forget our art and culture, tradition, food, and clothing.

Similarly, this system continues to work with the world to understand the heroic activities of our descendants in spite of being a minority of the world’s population, Google’s CEO Sunder Becky, Shiva Ayyadirai who discovered the eMail, KR Sreedhar Pramod,The talented Tamils like Airborne director SivathanuppillaiIdentify and bring our Tamil community to the top of human development in the world.